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Lucky 7's Slots Review

"Lucky Sevens" slots are one of the most popular slot machines and we can test our luck playing on these machines anytime. This magnificent slot machine offers incredible jackpot up to 2500 coins and the bet range can vary from one cent to ten USD. This wide bet range offers possibility to all players with various budget size.

This slot game features many lucky symbols : Lucky Seven jackpot, gold bar with triple sevens, billiard ball, money pouches, poker chips and some cherry symbols. Each of these featured symbols are traditionally associated with luck and they can be found on many slot machines.

The maximum jackpot of 2500 coins can be reached only if we play with the ten dollar bet.

Auto play

For the lazy players "Lucky Sevens" game offers auto play function. This option gives a chance of automated spins while we relax and watch the action. There are a number of available auto play options like number of spins, time span between spins or maximum or minimum amounts of money won or lost. Also, we can set to stop the wheels in case of a jackpot.

The Pay lines of the Lucky 7's

The "Lucky Sevens" slot game features seven pay lines on all of the seven reels. We can find three lines that runs straight in the middle, bottom and top positions, while line seven and four form diagonal lines. The line number five and six form opposite zigzag shapes.

The Payouts of the Lucky 7's

The generous payouts are the main reasons of the popularity of the "Lucky Sevens" slot machines. There are a large number of different winning combinations that pay 100 of even more tokens. The biggest of them all is the Lucky 7's symbol combination which means seven symbols in a row for the maximum jackpot of 2500 coins. If we manage to spin six of these symbols we can win 1000 coins, 5 pays 500 coins, 4 symbols pays 250 coins while 3 of them pays the lucky players 50 coins. The second biggest winning combination is the seven moneybags symbols that pays 1000 coins.

Six of these moneybags symbols pays 250 coins, five symbols on a pay line pays 100 coins, four symbols worth 50 coins and finally three symbols pays 25 coins to the winner. The third winning combination is the gold bar symbols : seven bars pays 500, 6 worth 100, 5 worth 50, 4 pays 25 and 3 pays 10 coins. The next combination is the poker chips : seven chips are worth 100 coins, 6 pays 50, 5 worth 25, 4 worth 10 coins and 3 worth 5 coins. The rest of the symbols, the cherries and the billiard balls pays the same, exception is the seven billiard balls combination that pays 75, while the seven cherries pays 50 coins. All the rest of the combination payouts are the same : 6 symbols pays 25, 5 pays 10, 4 are worth 5 coins and three symbols offer a total payout of 2 coins.
  • Software
  • Vegas Tech
  • Jackpot/Max Win
  • 2500 coins
  • Type
  • 7-reel
  • Multipiler
  • No
  • Reels
  • 7
  • Free Spins
  • No
  • PayLines
  • 7
  • AutoPlay
  • Yes
  • Max Bet
  • $70
  • Skill Stop
  • Yes
  • Pay Back
  • Yes
  • Coins Per Line
  • 1
  • Coins Size
  • $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, $10
  • Symbols
  • Lucky Sevens, Moneybag, Gold Bar, Poker Chip, Billiard Ball